NTT DATA QTP Interview Questions

Sent by :  Pradeep Kumar
Company: NTT DATA Global Delivery Services
Interview Questions :
  • Tell me about your self?
  • What type of framework you’re using in your project
  • How to connect QC through QTP
  • Without creating a DNS, how will you connect the Database.
  • What is difference between qtp8.2, 9.0 and 9.5
  • Write a script in a QTP, how to count 50 checkboxes in a webpage
  • What is difference between expression and command line in QTP
  • what is the difference between functions created for a specific Action and across actions?
  • Sometimes you get https and http, how do you handle ?
  • What is Traceability matrix?Explain
  • What is the difference between Function and Subroutine
  • what is Test case and Test Scenario ?
  • How will you set the Synchronization in QTP, whitout using Wait & sync.
  • What are Surrogate Keys?
  • Why different kinds of add-ins required in the QTP?

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